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Mechanical Engineering

CDR Soonkook Hong, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department
United States Naval Academy
590 Holloway Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5042
410 293 6430

    University of California at San Diego, 2010
    Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering
    Dissertation: "The Assessment and Durability of Carbon/Epoxy  
      Composite Materials after the Elevated Temperature and Immersion in 
    Seoul National University at ROK, 2005
    Masters of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
    Thesis: "Investigation on the Performance of a Heat Pump System  
      Using Artificial Geothermal Heat Source"

    ROK Naval Academy, 1994
    Bachelors of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Renewable Energy using Ocean Systems
FPR Composite Processing and Mechanisms for Naval Vessel Applications
Development of Advanced Energy Absorption and Damping Structures
Superhydrophobic Surface Coatings and Stealth Functions using Nanomaterials
Application of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Associate Professor, U.S. Naval Academy (Oct 2014 - Present)

Professor, Department of Mechanical and Naval Architectural Engineering at ROK Naval Academy, (Jul 2010 - Aug 2014)

Superintendent of Military Facilities Information Systems at the Minister of National Defense (Jan 2000 - Jan 2003)

Supervisor of Military Facilities at ROK Navy Headquarters (Jan 1997 - Jan 1999)


  • Choi, D., Kuru, C., Choi, C., Noh, K., Hong, S.-K., Das, S., Choi, W. and Jin, S., 2014, "Nano Patterned Graphene Field Effect Transistor Fabricated using Block Copolymer Lithography," Materials Research Letters, 2(3), pp. 131-139.
  • Choi, C., Hong, S.-K., Chen, L.-H., Liu, C.-H., Choi, D., Kuru, C., Jin, S., 2013, "Deformation and Electrical Properties of Magnetic and Vertically Conductive Composite with Chain-of-Spheres," Electronic Materials Letters, 10(3), pp. 585-589.
CDR Soonkook Hong, PhD
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