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In Search of Understanding

Scene from 'In Search of Understanding'

Presentation, Concert, and Slide Show presented by HE Dr. Mohammed Kazem. Through a chain of activities inside and outside Egypt, Dr. Kazem focuses on the shared human dream of lasting peace and cooperation, sharing his belief that our many differences are hiding the real "us" which is defined by moments of truth shared by all people.

Scene from 'In Search of Understanding'

Dr. Kazem is the First Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has served in North America, Western Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, and throughout the Arab Middle East. He also served in Madrid and was seconded to the European Arab Foundation in Public Diplomacy beginning in 2001. He has a PhD from the Autonomous University of Madrid, a Certificate in Diplomatic Studies from Oxford University, is a graduate of the Egyptian Diplomatic Institute, and earned his MA in Middle East Studies at American University of Cairo where he also completed his BA in Economics and Political Science. His musical productions date back to 1987 and include a number of internationally acclaimed pieces.

Accompanying Dr. Kazem on the Bass is Ahmed Riyad, First Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cairo. Ahymed Riyad has a MA degree in Middle East Studies from American University of Cairo.

On Percussion is Karim Sherif, also a First Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a degree in International Relations. He has served the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Germany and Indonesia, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Amr Oransa is the a critically acclaimed designer of custom furniture and accomplished photographer. He has a degree in Mechanical Sciences and will be in charge of the photography.

Scene from 'In Search of Understanding'
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