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Middle East Forum

Jocelyne Owens

Instructor, Department of Languages and Cultures

BA, Alexandria University, Egypt
MA, Exeter University, England

Ms. Owens earned her BA in Alexandria, Egypt. Through family circumstances, she grew up bilingual in Arabic and French; and in Arabic, bidialectal in Egyptian and Syrian varieties. Ms. Owens has over 35 years of teaching experience, 14 of them in the field of Arabic teaching. During this period she has taught at all levels and taught different varieties of Arabic. During her career, Ms. Owens has taught students of various nationalities: Libyan, Nigerian, Jordanian, German, French and American. This has expanded her understanding of different cultures and attendant language teaching problems. Besides her "native" familiarity with Egypt and Syria, through extensive stays in Libya and Jordan she has become closely familiar with a broad spectrum of the Arabic world.


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