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Middle East Forum

Staff and Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

  • Hayden Bellenoit, History (History of South Asia)
  • Hezi Brosh, Languages and Cultures (Arabic and Hebrew Languages)
  • Gary Thomas Burgess, History (History of Africa)
  • Clarissa Burt, Languages and Cultures (Arabic Language and Literature)
  • Wayne Hsieh, History
  • Elizabeth Knutson, Languages and Cultures (Franco Arab Studies)
  • Gabriel Karpouzian, Aerospace Engineering (Contemporary Middle East)
  • John Limbert, Class of 1955 Chair in Middle East Studies (Iran and the Middle East)
  • Jeffrey Macris, History (History of the Middle East)
  • Jocelyne Owens, Languages and Cultures (Arabic Language)
  • Helen Purkitt, Political Science (Africa Studies)
  • Thomas J. Sanders, History (Russian and Soviet History)
  • Ernest Tucker, History (Islamic Civilization and History)
  • Brian VanDeMark, History (U.S. Diplomatic and Political History, Middle East Policy)
  • Deborah Wheeler, Political Science (Middle East and Islam)
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