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Military Personnel
Military Personnel

Separating from the NAVY?

PSD Fort George G. Meade, MD Separation Checklist

All personnel who are contemplating separating from the Navy must accomplish certain things in order for us to process the separation paperwork timely. We strongly encourage any contemplating separating to read the "Enlisted Transfer Manual, Addendum A", for a general guideline. Talk to your Career Counselor first! If you have any questions about your separation that your Career Counselor can't answer, you may contact PSD in Ft. Meade directly.

Things you must do if you are contemplating separating:

  1. Have pre-separation counseling session w/your career counselor. Officers must submit resignation packages to PERS-814F for resignations and to PERS-82 for retirements. All packages are routed through your command Admin Department.
  2. Schedule/complete TAP class.  TAP class is normally lasts a week. You can schedule TAP class up to 1 year before your EAOS/ETS.
  3. Complete your separation physical 6 months prior to your EAOS. Your separation physical is the physical that is required by the VA OFFICE to determine your eligibility for VA benefits after your separation. YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN BY SEPARATION CLERK UNLESS THE SEPARATION PHYSICAL IS COMPLETE, SIGNED, AND STATES THAT YOU ARE PHYSICALLY QUALIFIED TO SEPARATE/RETIRE.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the designated separation clerk, Rodney Galloway after your physical is complete, and at least 60 days prior to your EAOS/ETS or at least 60 days prior to your terminal leave/PTDY start date.
  5. Have your Command/Dept complete your Separation Eval/FITREP at least 10 days prior to your EAOS/ terminal leave start date (if applicable). 
  6. You must fill out a NAVCOMPT 2656 Data For Payment of Retired Personnel/SBP election. This form lets you decide where your retired pay is going and let’s you decide your SBP election. Your spouse must sign the SBP election form if you decline the SBP coverage. The signature on these forms must be witnessed by anyone except a family member.

For information on the Survivor Benefit Program (SBP) call the SBP Program Manager at 1-800-255-8950 x4304/4311. You can fill out a NAVCOMPT 2274 Pre-Retirement Pay Information Request which is a formal request from you to the Retired Pay Section at DFAS.  Requesting this information will get you an estimate of your retired pay from DFAS. For more information about your retired pay go to Naval Career Toolbox (click on pay and benefits), or go to (click on money matters then click on retired/annuitant pay).  For more information on Retired Pay call the DFAS Retired Pay Section at 1-800-321-1080 and ask for the New Account Holder Section.

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