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63 Years of NAFAC


1961: Problems of U.S. Foreign Policy in Africa and the Near East
         Director: J.J. Connell

1962: Problems of U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America
         Director: S.A. Garrison

1963: Problems of U.S. Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia
         Director: Henry Dalton

1964: Problems of U.S. Foreign Policy in the European Community
         Director: Jerold F. Anderson

1965: Problems of U.S. Foreign Policy in Africa and the Middle East
         Director: Philip C. Barr

1966: Problems of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Western Hemisphere
         Director: John A. Orcutt

1967: Problems of U.S. Foreign Policy in Europe
         Director: Douglas Matthews

1968: Africa and the Middle East
         Director: R. Mitchell Brown III

1969: The India Ocean Area
         Director: Richard Rufer


1970: Europe
         Director: John H. Schilling Jr.

1971: Strategic Balance of Power in the 1970's
         Director: Wayne A. Peters

1972: U.S. Strategy for Peace - The 3rd World
         Director: Powell A. Fraser

1973: U.S. Strategy for Peace - Europe          Director: Ronald J. Borro

1974: U.S. Foreign Policies          Director: Jim Gibbs

1975: Europe in the Mid-70s          Director: Gary Miller

1976: Strategies of U.S. Foreign Policy: The New Realities
         Director: Randy Goff

1977: U.S. Foreign Policy Directions in a Changing World
         Director: Pat Walsh

1978: The Ideal and the Practical
         Director: Joseph E. Schmitz

1979: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East and Africa
         Director: Larry Kihlstadius


1980: U.S. Soviet Relations in the 80's: Cooperation or Confrontation?
         Director: Jeffrey D. Winter

1981: World Resource Diplomacy / U.S. Foreign Policy
         Director: Mark H. Adamshick

1982: The Rich and the Poor          Director: John P. Somplasky

1983: The Western Alliance in Transition
         Director: Randy Wood

1984: Change and Continuity in the Soviet Union: The Challenge to U.S. Perceptions and Policy
         Director: Danny Moore

1985: The Diffusion of Power: U.S. and a New Era in International Relations
         Director: Stephen J. Pimpo

1986: Low Intensity Conflict: The Politics of Coercion
         Director: Craig F. Merrill

1987: Roles of Technology in International Relations: Channels for Change in the Contemporary World
         Director: Scott P. McFarlane

1988: International Politics toward the Year 2000: Resolving Today's Tensions for Tomorrow's Peace
         Director: W. Wylie Burkhart

1989: Alliances in Turmoil? Adapting to a Changing World
         Director: Charles W. Mills


1990: The U.S., Europe, and the Soviet Union in a New Era
         Director: Aimee K. Hodges

1991: Beyond Bloc Politics
         Director: Paul B. Quimby

1992: Democracy's Time
         Director: Rich Doyle

1993: The Shape of Power
         Director: Scott A. Cooper

1994: A World Without Borders
         Director: Tara A. Caroselli

1995: The Ethics of International Relations
         Director: Benjamin A. Shupp

1996: A New Multilateralism: American Relations with Emerging Powers
         Director: Jill A. Quinton

1997: The Struggle for Democracy
         Director: Amy M. McGrath

1998: Asia Rising?
         Director: Darren A. Salapka

1999: Keeping Peace
         Director: Cynthia Frederick


2000: Civil-Military Relations: The Role of Militaries in the New Millennium
         Director: Jason Israel

2001: Terrorism
         Director: Jen Bohr

2002: Crossroads of Civilizations: U.S. Foreign Policy in Central and Southwest Asia
         Director: Brian Emery Ray

2003: Strangers in a Common Land: Preserving Israel and Pakistan
         Director: Greg Saxon

2004: Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Iraq
         Director: Adam S. Tisdall

2005: Power and Purpose: Defining America's Role in the World
         Director: Carl R. Glass

2006: Africa: Turning Attention into Action
         Director: Nicholas D. Hamm

2007: Asia at the Crossroads
         Director: Patrick Sullivan

2008: Beyond Borders: Latin America and the Caribbean in the 21st Century
         Director: Jack Vine

2009: Combating Global Poverty
         Director: Roger Misso


2010: National Security Beyond the Horizon: Changing Threats in a Changing World
         Director: Michael Campbell

2011: People, Power, and Politics in the Internet Age
         Director: Michael Orzetti

2012: Eclipse of the West?
         Director: Zachary Drum

2013: A Time of Transition
         Director: Riley Harsh

2014: Human Security in the Information Age
         Director: Krishnan Rajagopalan

2015: Sustainability and Sovereignty: Global Security in a Resource Strained World
         Director: Annie-Norah Beveridge

2016: Women and Security: The Implications of Promoting Global Gender Equity
         Director: Marc Prather

2017: A New Era of Great Power Competition?
         Director: Charlotte Asdal

2018: Guarding Liberty in a World of Democratic Understanding
         Director: Michael McKinney

2019: Coming Apart: The Fate of the Rules-based OrderDirector: Luka Bakic


2020: War Peace, and the Gray Zone ( canceled due to COVID-19 )
         Director: Samuel Winegar

2021: Global Resilience after the Pandemic 
         Director: Laura Spratling

2022: Partnership in the 21st Century 
         Director: Caroline Finley

2023: Democracies Divided: The Proliferation of Polarization 
         Director: Jordan Hummel

2024: Where Power Lies: The Development of Civil-Military Relations in a New World Order 
         Director: Abigail Sullivan


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