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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
Rickover Hall photo


Name Phone Office Email
Bhattacharyya, Rameswar
Professor Emeritus
410-293-6444 Rickover Hall
Dawson, Thomas H.
Professor Emeritus
410-293-6444 Rickover Hall
Falls, Jaye
Assistant Professor
410-293-6429 201 Chauvenet Hall
Farrell, David E.
LCDR, JPMP, Senior Instructor
410-293-6511 370 Michelson Hall
Flood, Kevin
CDR, Master Instructor
410-293-6437 335 Michelson Hall
Fredriksson, David W.
410-293-6434 333 Michelson Hall
Gish, Andrew
CDR, PMP, Assistant Professor, Associate Chair
410-293-6422 335 Michelson Hall
Good, Crystine M.
LCDR, CEC, JPMP, Master Instructor
410-293-6538 319 Michelson Hall
Hedderly, James
LCDR, Senior Instructor
410-293-6425 347 Chauvenet Hall
Johnson, Bruce
Professor Emeritus
410-293-6484 Rickover Hall
Johnson, Victoria (Tori)
Assistant Professor
410-293-6458 332 Michelson Hall
Judge, Carolyn Q.
Associate Professor
410-293-6512 204 Chauvenet Hall
Kriebel, David L.
410-293-6442 314 Michelson Hall
Laun, Alexander W.
LT, Senior Instructor
410-293-6460 381 Chauvenet Hall
Lawson, Clinton (Bo)
LT, CEC, Senior Instructor
410-293-6425 370 Michelson Hall
Mayer, Robert H.
410-293-6432 314 Michelson Hall
McCormick, Michael E.
Professor Emeritus
410-293-6484 Rickover Hall
McGill, Kevin P.
LT, Senior Instructor
410-293-6329 381 Chauvenet Hall
Morabito, Michael
Associate Professor, Director of Naval Architecture
410-293-6428 201 Chauvenet Hall
Mouring, Sarah E
Professor, Department Chair
410-293-6421 344 Michelson Hall
Robillard, David J.
CAPT, PMP, Assistant Professor
410-293-6435 347 Chauvenet Hall
Schultz, Michael P.
Professor, Director of Hydro Lab
410-293-6440 340 Michelson Hall
Wargula, Anna
Assistant Professor
410-293-6450 332 Michelson Hall
Waters, Jennifer K.
Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
410-293-1581 166 Nimitz Hall
Webb, Justin P.
LT, CEC, Senior Instructor
410-293-6443 319 Michelson Hall
Wellington, Lisa
Education Technician
410-293-6420 346 Michelson Hall
Woertz, Jeffrey
CDR, PMP, Assistant Professor
410-293-6585 256C Chauvenet Hall
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