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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering



Bruce Johnson, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

  •  Phone: 410-295-9393
  •  Fax: 410-293-2219
    •   Rickover Hall


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 1965
  • MSME, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 1962
  • BSME, Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University (NROTC), 1955

Professional Experience

  • Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, US Naval Academy
    • Professor Emeritus, 2000 - present
    • Professor, 1970 - 1999
    • Associate Professor, 1964 - 1970
  • Instructor and Graduate Student, M.E., Purdue University, 1959 - 1964
  • U.S. Naval Officer
    • Instructor, US Naval Academy
    • Engineering Repair Division Officer, U.S.S. Kearsarge, CVA-33

Professional Memberships & Registration


  • Listed in current edition's of Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World, 1975 - present
  • Meritorious Public Service Award, US Coast Guard, 2002.  For volunteer work with Marine Investigation Board on the sinking of the fishing vessel Arctic Rose.
  • Superior Civilian Service Medal, US Navy, 1998, 2000
  • Service Excellence Award, US Naval Academy, 1998
  • Meritorious Civilian Service Medal, US Navy, 1994, 1996

Professional & Community Service

  • US Naval Academy
    • Program Director, Ocean Engineering, 1996 - 1999
    • Director, Hydromechanics Laboratory, Rickover Hall, 1976 - 1987
    • Naval Sea Systems Command Professor of Hydromechanics, 1975 - 1986
    • Project Manager, Hydromechanics Laboratory, Rickover Hall, 1972 - 1975
    • Director, Hydromechanics Laboratory, Isherwood Hall, 1967 - 1972.  Began development of towing tanks for Rickover Hall
  • Towing Tank Conferences
    • Chairman, 18th American Towing Tank Conference, 1977.  Co-edited its Proceedings.
    • Chairman, Symbols and Terminology Group, International Towing Tank Conference, 1985 - 1999.  Published ITTC Standard Symbols and Terminology List 1987, 1990, 1993 (hardcopy), and 1996, 1999 (online)
    • U.S. Representative, Information Committee, International Towing Tank Conference, 1975 - 1984.  Edited and published the ITTC Catalogue of Facilities.
  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
    • Co-chair, Panel O-49 on Working Vessel Operations and Safety, 2016
    • Co-chair, Editorial Board, SNAME Textbook Series, 2016
    • Chairman, Electronic Media Committee within Executive Committee, 2000 - 2004
    • Chair, Ad Hoc Panel #12 on Fishing Vessel Operations and Safety
  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    • Served on two 2-years terms on ASNE Council
    • Chairman, ASNE Scholarship Committee, 1983 - 1989
    • Member, ASNE Journal Committee
  • Foundry United Methodist Church, Washington D.C.: Education Chairman, Finance Chairman, Chairman of the Council on Ministries, and Worship Committee Co-Chairman with his wife
  • Active members of Unitarian Universalist Church, Annapolis, MD
  • Commodore, Maryland Capital Yacht Club, 1992
  • Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association
    • Champion, Catalina 27 High Point and Cruising One-Design Division, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1990
  • International Catalina 27 Association Editor for the national Catalina magazine, Mainsheet, 1993 - 1997

Teaching & Research Interests

Dr. Johnson has taught courses and done research in many fields including fluid mechanics, hydrodynamics, naval architecture, ocean wave mechanics, time series analysis, brain wave analysis, and engineering economic analysis. He has been advisor or co-advisor for nineteen Trident Scholars, four of whom were awarded the Harry E. Ward Trident Scholar Prize. Two of them made flag rank, including one 4-star Admiral. He received an American Society for Engineering Education Excellence in Engineering Teaching Award in 1970.

Research & Publications

Professor Johnson is the coauthor with Professor Thomas Gillmer of Introduction to Naval Architecture published by the U. S. Naval Institute. Dr. Johnson was responsible for major revisions to the chapters on ship stability in the second edition of Introduction to Naval Engineering by Blank, Bock, and Richardson. He is a coauthor of the 5th edition of Engineering Economic Analysis by Donald Newnan and Bruce Johnson and rewrote chapters on the use of spreadsheets in cash flow analysis for the 6th and 7th editions. He is a co-chair of the Editorial Board for the proposed SNAME Textbook Series and first author of Series 2, Volume 1 Hydrostatics and Stability of Ships and Offshore Floating Systems to be published in 2016.

Since Retirement

  • Johnson, B., Lasher W. C. , Erdman, M., Miles, J. C., and Curry, W., “Uncertainties in the Wind-Heel Analysis of Traditional Sailing Vessels: The Challenges it Presents for Forensic Analysis of Sailing Vessel Incidents,” Proceedings of the Twenty First  Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium, Annapolis, MD, March 15-16, 2013. (Selected as the SNAME Cochrane Best Paper Award for 2014.)
  • Johnson, B. and Miles, J. 2012 “Sailing Vessel Stability, Part 3: SNAME-Pride II Approach,” Tall Ships America Safety Under Sail Forum. Accessed 25 November 2012.
  • Johnson, B., Miles, J., Lasher, W. C. and Womack, J., 2009 “Operator Guidance Based on Assessing the Wind-Heel Angle Relationship of Traditionally-Rigged Sailing Vessels”, Transactions of the SNAME, 2009.
  • Lasher, W. C., Tinlin, D.R., Johnson, B, Womack, J, Miles, J. C., Rybka, W. and Heerssen, , W. 2009 “Assessing the Wind-Heel Angle Relationship of Traditionally-Rigged Sailing Vessels”, Proceedings of the Nineteenth Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium, Annapolis, MD, March 20-22, 2009.
  • Miles, J.C., Johnson, B., Womack, J. and Franzen, I, 2007 “SNAME’s Stability Letter Improvement Project (SLIP) for Passenger Sailing Vessels”, Proceedings of the Eighteenth Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium, Annapolis, MD, March 2-3, 2007, pp. 165-184.Womack, J. and Johnson, B., 2005. “A Systematic Study of Wave Phasing on Vessel Righting Arm Curves”, SNAME Transactions, 2005.
  • Womack, J. and Johnson, B., 2003, “An Integrated Stability Training Program for Commercial Fishing Vessel Crews and the Fishing Community”, Proceedings of the IFISH II Conference, Sitka, Alaska, 22-24 September 2003.
  • Johnson, B. and Borlase, G., 2003. “Time to Flood Analysis for the Fishing Vessel Arctic Rose”, Proceedings of the SNAME WMTC Conference, 2003.
  • Johnson, B., and Grochowalski, S., 2002. “Development of a Performance Based Fishing Vessel Stability Criteria”, Proceedings of the 6th International Ship Stability Workshop, Webb Institute, 14-16 October 2002.
  • Johnson, B., and Womack, J. 2001,” On Developing a Rational and User-Friendly Approach to Fishing Vessel Stability and Operational Guidance”, Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Stability and Operational Safety of Ships, Trieste, Italy, 12-13 September 2001.
  • Johnson, B. 2000, “Capsize Resistance and Survivability When Smaller Vessels Encounter Extreme Waves”, Proceedings of the Rogue Wave 2000 Conference, Brest France, 29-30 November 2000.
  • Johnson, B., Wallace, D., Womack, J. and Savage, R. 2000, “Developing the Foundation for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Improving Fishing Vessel Safety”, Proceedings of the IFISH I Conference, Woods Hole, MA, October 25-27, 2000.

Prior to Retirement

  • Schmiechen, M, and Johnson,B.,1998 “ The History and Recent Developments in the International Towing Tank Conference ITTC Symbols and Terminology List” Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Maritime Terminology, Brussels, Belgium, 16 May, 1998
  • Johnson, B., Ed Chapman, Nancy Anderson, 1996  .”Concerning the Electronic Distribution of ITTC Documents”, Vol. II, Proceedings of the 21st ITTC, Norway 1996.
  • Johnson, B., editor and publisher, “Version 1996 of the International Towing Tank Conference Symbols and Terminology List”. Distributed as an Acrobat .pdf format over the World Wide Web since 1996. 
  • Mayer, R., and Johnson, B., 1996 “Integrated Design of an Offshore Structure Enhanced with Windows-based Spreadsheets “ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings June 1996.
  • Johnson, Bruce, 1995 “The Use of Windows-Based Spreadsheets to Teach Engineering Economics Concepts”, Paper # 1639, ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, June 1995.
  • Johnson, B. and Mayer, R.,1995 “On the Use of Windows-based Spreadsheets in Teaching Wave Mechanics and Design Project Decision Support Concepts to Ocean Engineering Students , Paper # 3478, ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, June 1995.
  • Johnson, B., "Final Report and Recommendations to the 20th ITTC from the Symbols and Terminology Group", Proceedings of the 20th International Towing Tank Conference San Francisco, California September 19-25 1993.
  • Glinos, N. and B. Johnson, 1991 "A Review of Expert Systems for Marine Design and Ship Operations" invited paper presented at the World Congress on Expert Systems, December 16-19, 1991, Orlando, Fla.
  • Johnson, B. 1990 On the Integration of CFD and CAD in Ship Design (keynote address), Proceedings of the International Symposium on CFD and CAD in Ship Design, Wageningen, the Netherlands, September 1990, pp 3-22.
  • Johnson, B, N. Glinos, N. Anderson, D. McCallum, W. Beaver, and P. Fitzsimmons,1990 "Data Base Systems for Hull Form Design", Transactions of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Volume 98, 1990.
  • Hays, B. Johnson, B, D. Kingsley and M. Meinhold,1988 "Hydro-Numeric Design at the U.S. Naval Academy - An Integration of Design and Analysis Tools", SNAME Chesapeake Section paper presented 24 February 1988.
  • Duncan, L,  Wallendorf and B. Johnson,1987 "The Kinematics of Deep Water Breaking Waves", Proceedings of the IAHR Seminar on Wave Analysis and Generation in Laboratory Basins, Lausanne Switzerland, 1 September l987.
  • Johnson, B. and S. Enzinger, "Inexpensive Side Beaches for Improving Calm Water Testing Efficiency",1987 Proceedings of the 18th International Towing Tank Conference, 1987.
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  • Salsich, J,  B. Johnson and C. Holton, 1983 "A Transient Wave Generation Technique and Some Engineering Applications", Proceedings of the 20th American Towing Tank Conference, 1983.
  • Johnson, B and S. Takezawa, 1981 "A State‑of‑the‑Art Review of Irregular Wave Generation and Analysis", Proceedings of the 16th ITTC, Leningrad, USSR September, 1981.
  • Johnson, B, Anderson, C, Clark, A, and Land, R 1980, “Single Pass Seakeeping Tests using the Periodic aIrregular Encountered Wave Technique”, Proceedings of the 19th American Towing Tank conference, Ann Arbor, MI, July 1980.
  • Johnson, B., and Nehrling, B., 1977, Editors: Proceedings of the 18th American Towing Tank Conference, Annapolis, MD., August 1977.
  • Anderson, C., and Johnson, B.,1977 “An Algorithm for Predicting Breaking Waves in a Towing Tank”, Proceedings of the 18th American Towing Tank Conference, Annapolis, August, 1977.
  • Anderson, C., and Johnson, B.,1977 “A Computer Controlled Wave Generation System for the u. S. Naval Academy”, Proceedings of the 18th American Towing Tank Conference, Annapolis, August, 1977.
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