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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
Bock Lecture Pamphlets

Bock Memorial Lecture Series

The Bock Memorial Lecture Series was established at the United States Naval Academy in March 1993 in honor of the late Professor Emeritus Arthur E. Bock.  Professor Bock was born in Dubuque, Iowa, on September 30, 1916.  He was a graduate of Kansas State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. Later he received a Master’s degree in engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute where he was a faculty member from 1940-1944.

Professor Bock served as a naval officer from 1944-1946, during which time he was an engineering instructor at the Naval Academy.  He became a civilian faculty member in the Academy’s Marine Engineering Department in 1946, eventually attaining the rank of full professor.  While at the Academy, Professor Bock served as chairman of the Naval Engineering Department, as a senior professor of engineering, and was a member of many boards and committees.

A leading authority in the field of marine engineering, Professor Bock was coauthor of the book, Elements of Applied Thermodynamics, which has five editions and was used by midshipmen for more than 40 years.  For his contribution to the Academy, he was named Professor Emeritus by the Secretary of the Navy upon his retirement in 1981.  Professor Bock passed away on February 25, 1989.

The purpose of this series is to support and enhance academic excellence in the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering by inviting world-renowned personalities who have made substantial contributions to the disciplines.

The Bock Memorial Lecture Series is funded by the Arthur Bock Endowment established in September 1991 from a gift by the estate of the late Professor Arthur Bock.  Funds generated from this endowment are intended to support and enhance academic excellence in the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.

Are you interested in contributing to a Bock Lecture?   Please contact our department!

Previous Bock Lecturers:




CAPT Patrick J. Keenan, USN (Ret.)
President, Phoenix International Holdings
Mr. Derek Novak
ABS Chief Engineer
CAPT Jay Young, USN
Dr. James A. Morris
NOAA Marine Ecologist
Dr. Piet Dircke
ARCADIS Global Leader for Water Management
Dr. John Holmes
Principal for Underwater Electromagnetic Signatures & Technology at NSWC
Dr. Todd Bridges
USACE, Lead Engineering with Nature
RADM Nevin Carr, USN (Ret.)
Vice President, Leidos. Former Chief of Naval Research
Mr. Barton Seaver
Chef & Leading Expert on Sustainable Seafood
Mrs. Debbie Powell
Senior Director, Power Generation Operations, PG&E
Mr. John Englander
Founder, Rising Seas Group
RADM Brian Antonio, USN
Program Executive Officer, Aircraft Carriers
Mr. Jack J. Buono
CEO Seariver Maritime, Inc., An ExxonMobil Affiliate
Mr. Jack Springer
CEO Malibu Boats & Axis Wake Research
Brig. Gen. Kent D. Savre
CG, USACE North Atlantic
Dr. Clark 'Corky' Graham
CEO LET'S GO Boy's & Girls
Mr. William Levis
President and COO, PSEG Power
Mr. R. Keith Michel
President, Webb Institute
Mr. Mark D. Gordon
Odyssey Marine Exploration
RADM Matthew Klunder, USN
Dr. Robert G. Dean
Emeritus Professor of Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering
University of Florida
CAPT David A. Roberts, USN
CO, Submarine School
RDML David C. Johnson, USN
Dr. William H. Moore
American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association
Dr. Sylvia Earle
National Geographic Society
Mr. David W. Jourdan
President, Nauticos
CAPT James R. Wilkins, III, USN (Ret.)
Mr. Mike Petters
Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
Mr. Gordon Sterling
Shell Oil Company
ADM Robert E. Kramek, USCG (Ret.)
Dr. John Spencer
National Transportation Safety Board
Mr. Howard Fireman
Mr. William W. Rogalski, Jr.
Northrop Grumman Ship Systems
Dr. Larry Mayer
University of New Hampshire
RADM Malcolm MacKinnon III, USN (Ret.)
Dr. Henry Petroski
Duke University
RADM John Mooney, Jr., USN (Ret.)
Dr. Joseph MacInnis
Undersea Research, LTD.
Professor Robert Bea
University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Dana R. Yoerger
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Mr. Clay Oliver
Team New Zealand’s America’s Cup
Mr. Orville T. Magoon
Coastal Zone Foundation
Dr. Jacque B. Hadler
Webb Institute
Mr. Ben Gerwick
Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.
Mr. Orrin Pilkey
Duke University
Dr. William B. Morgan
David Taylor Research Center
Dr. Donald Blount
Donald L. Blount & Associates, Inc.
Mr. William Garzke, Jr.
Gibbs & Cox, Inc.
CAPT Raymond S. McCord, USN
CAPT Harry A. Jackson, USN (Ret.)
ADM James D. Watkins, USN (Ret.)
Dr. Donald Walsh
International Maritime Incorporated
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