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Poster Guidelines

Poster Session

The NASEC 2016 poster session will showcase a wide variety of student projects. Posters prepared by attendees will present details on STEM-related course projects, capstone projects, and research projects. At the end of the session, prizes will be awarded for the top posters in each category.

Course projects

This class of projects includes any individual or group-based exercise defined and completed as part of a standard curriculum in a STEM-related course. The poster may be by a single student or a group of students who worked as part of a single team. The poster must include details regarding the department and title/number of the course in which the project was completed.

Capstone projects

This class of posters involves activities that comprise a student-defined capstone project required as part of the program of study for the students involved. This category admits individual or group posters, and is expected to involve works in progress, although students who have completed their capstone are welcome to present. The poster must include the name of the department in which the project is being carried out.

Research projects

This class of posters comprises projects and activities conducted as part of an independent or directed research course. These projects may involve completed efforts or works in progress, and should be authored by a single student. The poster must include home department information.

Poster Format

  • The poster may be no larger than 32" x 40".
  • An easel, foamboard and push pins will be provided for display purposes.
  • All posters must prominently include authorship and institution information, and must also feature acknowledgements dependent on the nature of the project.
  • For course projects, the instructor(s) of the course must be acknowledged.
  • For capstone and research projects, the project advisor(s) must be acknowledged.
  • Any other people (TAs, technicians, faculty, etc.) who supported the project in a tangible way should be acknowledged as well.

Poster Judging Process:

Judging will be carried out based solely on the content of the poster. There will be no question/answer session with the judges.

Poster Judging Criteria

Posters will be judged on the following criteria.

  • Presentation (20%)
    • Visual appeal
    • Organization
    • Readability
    • Appropriate use of graphics
  • Content (60%)
    • Motivation (why we care)
    • Problem statement (what you hoped to accomplish)
    • Background (briefly, what has been done before) [research/capstone only]
    • Methods/Approach (technical detail on what you actually did)
    • Results (outcomes of the effort)
    • Impact/significance [research/capstone only]
    • Conclusions (summary of what you learned/accomplished)
    • Future work (where you might go from here)
  • Novelty (20%)
    • Unique concepts or innovative solutions
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