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Poster Session 2019

NASEC 2019 Book of Abstracts


About the Poster Session

The NASEC 2019 Poster Session will showcase a wide variety of research projects that NASEC participants engage in at their home institutions. Posters prepared by attendees may present details on STEM-related research as well as course or capstone projects. At the end of the session, a prize will be awarded for the top poster.

Students should indicate their desire to present a poster when registering for the conference online. A poster number will be assigned, and a title and abstract will be requested at a later date. At the conclusion of the conference, a Bulletin of NASEC 2019 Poster Abstracts will be published. 

Poster Format

  • The poster may be no larger than 32" x 40".
  • An easel and binder clips will be provided for display purposes.
  • All posters must prominently include authorship and institution information, and must also feature acknowledgements dependent on the nature of the project.
  • For course projects, the instructor(s) of the course must be acknowledged.
  • For capstone and research projects, the project advisor(s) must be acknowledged.
  • Any other people (TAs, technicians, faculty, etc.) who supported the project in a tangible way should be acknowledged as well.

Poster Judging Process

Judging will be carried out based solely on the content of the poster. While judges may converse with authors during the poster session, there will be no defined question/answer session with the judges.

Poster Printing

Posters must be printed at your home institution and brought with you to the conference. Printing posters at USNA will not be possible. 
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