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National Eagle Scout Association

NESA Jamboree 2020

Welcome to the webpage for the 2020 United States Naval Academy STEM Jamboree!

Midshipman Volunteer

The interest form for our 2020 STEM Jamboree is open and will remain open until 1 November! Please note our date change for the Jamboree this year to 28 February - 1 March. Further information can be found below.

2020 USNA STEM Jamboree Interest Form (Lottery Entry)


Message from the Jamboree Commanding Officer:

Good morning Scouters!

My name is Jordan Rapp and I am this year’s US Naval Academy STEM Jamboree (USJ) Commanding Officer.

For those who do not know, the vision of the USJ is to create an event which inspires young adults to explore, to ask questions and to challenge themselves by showing them different aspects of the military, STEM and leadership which they otherwise would not experience. We will make a slight departure from the previous year’s event by putting more of a focus on the accomplishment of this vision through hands-on activities such as showcasing different technologies and research Midshipmen have performed as well as giving the scouts a glimpse of what our training looks like.

We will be holding our event this year on the weekend of 28 February - 1 March. We will be holding the event at this date so that we can have a greater Midshipmen and faculty involvement in the event and access more areas of the Academy, helping us create a better experience for you and your scouts.

Thank you and have a great day!

Yours in scouting

MIDN Jordan Rapp

Any questions can be directed to

Please check out the Jamboree Facebook page!

  • 28 February - 1 March 2020
    • September 20: Lottery opens
    • November 1: Lottery Closes at 1700 EST
    • November 4: Lottery will be announced in the evening with registration information email
    • January 17th: Initial deposit due with completed rosters (postmarked)
    • January 31st: Last day for guaranteed reimbursement 
    • Weekend of February 28 - 1 March : Jamboree 2020!

Per scout or adult (Includes patches, t-shirts, lunch in King Hall, bussing from Navy Marine Corps Stadium (parking) onto the Academy)

Attendance Cost
Jamboree Only $25.00
Jamboree and Tents (Bring your own tents) $45.00
Jamboree and Cabins $65.00

* Participants camping with the Jamboree will stay at Camp Letts

  • The main event will be held at the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland (USNA); however, all troops will be camping at YMCA Camp Letts, Edgewater, Maryland, unless the troop is within commuting distance and opts not to stay at Camp Letts.
What Do We Offer?
  • Integrated Boy Scouts and military training
  • Earn a Merit Badge
  • Keynote Speaker on Saturday
  • Camping experience
  • Meet scouters all over the East Coast
  • Tour of the beautiful Naval Academy
Merit Badges/Classes (tentative)
  • Aviation
  • Nuclear Science
  • Engineering
  • Programming
  • Robotics
  • Chemistry
  • Digital Technology
  • Medicine
  • Oceanography
  • Space Exploration
  • Radio
  • Search and Rescue (not merit badge)
  • Military Skills (not merit badge)
  • YP Underway (not merit badge)
  • Leadership (Not Merit Badge)
Packing List
  • Pack the necessary items for a 2 night camping trip in temperatures averaging around the low-30s to the mid-40s.  Here is a sample packing list attached (This will only serve as a guide).
  • USNA is an operating Naval Base, so please do not bring in any weapons including pocket knives.  Please leave these forbidden items back at Camp Letts
  • Cabins will be limited but available upon request during registration
  • Is the 16 person limit for scouts or scouts and adults? The 16 person limit is for scouts only.  The limit for adults attending with the unit is 4.
  • My troop has never been to your event, will we keep being shut out like we have been for the past x years?  I tried to bring in as many new troops this year as possible. This included cutting back the amount of slots each accepted troop had to bring scouts and adults.  If you were not chosen I apologize and hope that you do continue to apply for this event in the future.  There are also other ways to visit the Naval Academy. There are weekend tours for scout troops and there is a historic trail around Annapolis that troops hike very often.
  • Is there an age requirement? Yes! Scouts must be 14 or older to participate. 
  • How likely is it for my troop to be picked off of the waitlist?  While the waitlist can be long, do not be discouraged if you do not make the initial cut!
  • How long are the Special Events? This year's Special Events take up half the day.
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