The NAVs
"To Know Christ and to Make Him Known"

USNA Navs: Who we are ...

The overall purpose of Navs at the US Naval Academy is threefold:

  • first, to help midshipmen and officers cultivate a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible meditation, teaching, worship, and fellowship;
  • second, to build Christ-like character;
  • third, to equip them as leaders and workers in advancing God's kingdom. This emphasis contributes both to the moral mission of the Naval Academy and affords the opportunity, to those so interested, in developing their faith in relation to their Naval career.

The Navs ECA is very highly focused on personal mentoring/discipleship. Currently, more than 35 midshipmen are receiving encouragement, instruction, and accountability to help them be effective and faithful midshipmen and followers of Jesus Christ. There is also a growing sense of community and teamwork that is not something that can be easily replaced or recreated. Ours is a ministry of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development that begins at USNA and continues beyond Commissioning.

We have Navigator staff worldwide who are committed to continue the building process into the lives of men and women who leave the Academy so as to help them become leaders in their families, the military, and their communities.

At USNA we have new initiatives serving the African-American, HIspanic-American, and Korean-American communities.

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