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Midshipmen Answer the Call for Blood Donations

  POSTED ON: Monday, March 24, 2014 8:00 AM by Midshipman 1st Class Colleen Randolph

The Naval Academy hosts a number of Armed Forces Blood Drives throughout the academic year, but the unusual amount of snow this year has caused two cancellations, and the Armed Services Blood Bank Center feared a major setback in vital blood donations.

With 100 percent of donations going to wounded warriors, presidential staff, various U.S. bases, or those deployed overseas, donations from the United Stated Naval Academy Blood Drive are vital.

It is no surprise that this month, midshipmen stepped up and answered the call for donations.

“I donate because there are those in need, those who have already have given their own blood for our country,” said Midshipman 1st Class Colin Shuhlein.

Shuhlein’s sentiment was shared among all the donators, midshipmen who know that someday they might be that service member in need or simply feel that donating blood regularly is the right thing to do.

“We should take every opportunity that we can to help those to our left and to our right who have already given so much. It's one of the ways we survive as a unit and as brothers and sisters in arms,” said Shuhlein, who was among the midshipmen to step up and donate blood in March.

Giving blood comes naturally to the midshipmen. Last semester the Naval Academy midshipmen, faculty and staff had the highest recorded donations out of all of all naval installations.

More than 100 usable units were donated to the blood bank in their time of need.

“The combat warrior blood drives are a perfect way to give back in a tangible, 'real world' sense,” said Midshipman 1st Class Alexander Clark. “Since all donations go to a variety of wounded warriors and those deployed overseas, it is an easy way to support fellow military members and their mission.”

“This year was an enormous success with almost twice as many donations as our previous drives," said Clark. 

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