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Ceremonial Area Guidance

  POSTED ON: Friday, July 2, 2021 1:28 PM by

As we welcome back visitors to the yard, we want to remind people to please be mindful that physical training and pets are not allowed in the ceremonial areas of the yard, which are highlighted in yellow in the map below and include:

  • Porter Rd.
  • Stribling Walk (bounded by Bancroft Hall, T-Court, Chauvenet Hall, Michelson Hall, Sampson-Mahan-Carter Halls, Larson Hall, and the Chapel)
  • The portion of Decatur Rd. adjacent to Leahy Hall and the Museum
  • Truxtun Rd. in front of the Naval Academy Club 


The approved route for these activities is around the perimeter of these boundaries and includes the road behind the Naval Academy Club, the road behind Larson Hall and the Chapel, and the road behind Porter Rd. housing.

Thank you for your understanding and welcome back to the yard!

Category: General Interest