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Meisel and Gross

McCain Conference, Day 6: Dr. Ed Barrett, Dr. Tami Meisels, Dr. Michael Gross - Ethics in the Grey Zone - Hostage Taking and Media Warfare

  POSTED ON: Tuesday, April 20, 2021 3:01 AM by The Stockdale Center

Day five, we explored broad frameworks for ethically assessing responses in the grey zone.  Today we apply those frameworks to two specific grey zone activities--hostage taking and media warfare.  We’re lucky to have the co-editors of the 2017 book Soft War: The Ethics of Unarmed Conflict--the first and currently only volume on the topic. 

Dr. Tami Meisels is a political theorist at Tel Aviv University, and her research and teaching focus on nationalism, territorial rights, terrorism and warfare ethics.  Her two books, Territorial Rights, and The Trouble with Terror: Liberty, Security and the Response to Terrorism, are definitive works on those topics.

Dr. Michael Gross is a political ethicist at the University of Haifa, focusing on the ethics of conflict.  His highly-recommended monographs include: Moral Dilemmas of Modern War: Torture, Assassination, and Blackmail in an Age of Asymmetric Conflict, and The Ethics of Insurgency: A Critical Guide to Just Guerrilla Warfare.  His just-released book is Military Medical Ethics in Contemporary Armed Conflict: Mobilizing Medicine in the Pursuit of Just War.

Midshipman engaged in a virtual Q & A period after an initial interview section and a round of discussion. 


A recording of the full discussion is here:

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