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USNA Brain Science & Effective Leadership Speaker Series - Prof James Giordano - 'HOPE' for a Super Sailor?

  POSTED ON: Friday, March 26, 2021 3:02 AM by The Stockdale Center

 This presentation is part of the 'Brain Science and Effective Leadership Series,' hosted by the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership. Dr. Girordano is with the Georgetown University Departments of Neurology and Biochemistry, working in the Neuroethics Study Program, which is a part of the Program in Military Medical Ethics. He also is a Fellow of the Program in Biosecurity, Technology, and Ethics at the Naval War College. In this invigorating and, at points chilling, talk he discusses the potentials and risks for human neuro-enhancement. The talk, entitled " 'HOPE' for a Super Sailor?' delves into ethical Issues surrounding Neurocognitive Hardiness, Operational Protection, and Enhancement of Naval Personnel.

The presentation is followed by a question and answer period with viewers. We apologize for the choppy nature of the audio during portions of the recording. We hope they do not detract too much from the value of this important talk.

Presentation here:


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