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Congratulations NAOE Class of 2016

  POSTED ON: Friday, July 1, 2016 9:12 AM by LCDR Tyler Scharar & ENS Tori Spies

On May 27, 2016, the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering said farewell to 85 newly minted Second Lieutenants and Ensigns from the Class of 2016.  Now that their Naval Academy careers have come to a close, these graduates will scatter across the globe to learn their trade in every one of the Navy and Marine Corp line communities.  But they leave in their wake an impressive list of accomplishments.  Earning a Department-wide average of 3.24, Prize and Award ceremonies recognized several academic achievements:

Several students succeeded in graduating with honors or meritorious distinction:

NAOE's Class of 2016 averaged in the top 42nd percentile of USNA's Class of 2016 Overall Order of Merit, exemplifying their effort and accomplishments beyond the classroom.  Two graduates were acknowledged for their efforts in service to local communities, and several more served in Academy leadership roles with rank of Midshipman Lieutenant "3 Striper" or above.

  • Rachel Busiek: Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Service and Leadership Award for exemplary service and leadership in outreach
  • Andre Evans: STEM Volunteer Award for excellence in outreach
Graduate Leadership Role Major
James Brisotti YP Squadron Commodore NA
Andre Evans 1st Regimental Commander NA
Jonathan French Drum and Bugle Corp Commander NA
Sherwood Johnston Glee Club President NA
Charles Lindinger Assistant Operations NA
Nicole Peterson 1st Battalion Honor Advisor NA
Emily Saitta 5th Battalion Honor Advisor NA
Jenna Westerberg Brigade Commander NA
Lexi Alvarez 1st Company Commander OE
Renata Bucher Women's Golf Team Captain OE
Nicholas Cerf Midshipman Action Group President OE
Mitchell Evans 19th Company Commander OE
Gavin Hawbaker 18th Company Commander OE
Michael Jacobson 26th Company Commander OE
Joseph Jed Salonga 16th Company Commander OE
David Silver 3rd Battalion Commander OE
Nicholas Sloan Honor Remediation Advisor OE
Victoria Spies 3rd Battalion Honor Advisor OE
Seth Toski 4th Company Commander OE

The junior officers will take this wealth of experience in leadership, academics, and service to the fleet with them.  The service selection of NAOE Class of 2016 graduates is as follows:

Service Selection Ocean Eng Naval Arch
Surface Warfare (Conventional) 7 2
Surface Warfare (Nuclear) 3 3
Submarine 9 8
Naval Aviation (Pilot) 12 3
Naval Aviation (Naval Flight Officer) 5 1
Navy Special Operations 6 1
Marine Ground 6 2
Marine Aviation 6 5
Surface Engineering Duty Officer 1 3
Civil Engineer Corp 1 0
Intelligence 1 0
Total 57 28

While some NAOE graduates remain temporarily assigned to USNA throughout the summer, others have already reported to their first commands.  Ensign Lindsay Adams reported to the USS Arlington in Norfolk, VA, and Ensign Lexi Alvarez checked into the USS Lassen in Mayport, FL.  Second Lieutenant Jared Valeske just reported to The Basic School in Quantico, VA for six months of Marine officer training.  Each of these graduates can be proud of their record at the Naval Academy and the life of service they are pursuing.  Indeed, the NAOE faculty take great pride in contributing to the development of these naval officers.  We wish the NAOE Class of 2016 the best of luck.

Narc Class of 2016

Naval Architects of Class of 2016

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