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Malibu Boats Visits for Bock Memorial Lecture

  POSTED ON: Monday, October 26, 2015 9:12 AM by WEBMASTER

Bock Memorial Lecture  Malibu Boats

Midshipmen in the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering visited with executives and designers from Malibu Boats during the Bock Memorial Lecture Series.  Malibu Boats is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the watersports towboat field, specializing in wakeboard, wakesurf, and ski boats ranging in size from 20 to 25 feet.

The visit included unveiling of the company's newest boat, which includes the Power Wedge hydrofoil and Surf Gate to maximize and adjust the wake.  CEO, Jack Springer, and his management team talked to midshipmen as they climbed through the boat and then presented an overview of the company's history and innovation in the field of boat design and manufacturing. 

The Bock Memorial Lecture Series is made possible by an endowment in honor of the late Professor Emeritus Arthur E. Bock, Chairman, Dept. of Naval Engineering at USNA.  The lecture series supports academic excellence by inviting world-renowned personalities who have made substantial contributions to the disciplines of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.

Want to learn more about NAOE Research and the Bock Memorial Lecture Series?  Visit our website.

Malibu Boats  Malibu Boats

Malibu Boats 

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