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Midshipmen Address Marine Food Production

  POSTED ON: Monday, March 27, 2017 5:01 PM by LCDR Tyler Scharar

As a Chef and leading expert on sustainable seafood, Mr. Barton Seaver visited with over 300 Midshipmen from the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.  He is on a mission to restore our relationship with the ocean, the land, and with each other - through dinner.  During the talk, Mr. Seaver tied the health of the ocean to both human health and major geo-political forces.  As an author, he emphasizes solutions that rely on cooking with bycatch of species, serving conscious portion sizes, and shining a spotlight on healthy aquaculture practices.

Midshipmen left with a greater understanding of the role sustainable food practices have on the world stage and in our daily lives.

The Bock Memorial Lecture Series is made possible by an endowment in honor of the late Professor Emeritus Arthur E. Bock, Chairman, Dept. of Naval Engineering at USNA.  The lecture series supports academic excellence by inviting world-renowned personalities who have made substantial contributions to the disciplines of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.

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