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NAOE Professor Recognized for Excellence in Research

  POSTED ON: Wednesday, December 23, 2015 12:15 PM by LT Tyler Scharar

Please join me in congratulating Associate Professor David Fredriksson.  He is being recognized as the U.S. Naval Academy's 2016 recipient of the “Class of 1951 Civilian Faculty Excellence in Research Award.”

Associate Professor David Fredriksson is a member of the Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department.  Conducting research work in the area of environmental sustainability at the nexus of human population and ocean resources, he is a world-renowned expert in the design of both open ocean aquaculture systems and in land-based recirculating aquaculture systems.  His work has a strong international focus, and he regularly collaborates with colleagues in Norway, Canada, South Korea, and with some of the largest international corporations involved in aquaculture.  At the Naval Academy, he is known for integrating his research into all aspects of his mentoring of Midshipmen, not only in his environmental engineering courses, but also in student internships, independent research, Trident Scholar projects, and in ocean engineering capstone design projects.  

 Congratulations to Associate Professor Fredriksson for his accomplishments and for all that he does in support of the Naval Academy and the education of the midshipmen!

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