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Tulsa STEM Outreach and Training

Tulsa STEM Outreach and Training

  POSTED ON: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 8:00 AM by Angela Moran

The USNA STEM Center for Education and Outreach has a history of partnering with the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance through professional development provided for teachers and STEM days provided for students in both rural and urban districts, serving many populations.

On February 8, USNA STEM faculty, staff and midshipmen provided a series of hands-on modules for students from six different schools in Osage County including robotics, bridge building and rocket launching. MIDN 1/C Amy Krick, MIDN 1/C Eric Sutton and MIDN 2/C Michelle Tran led the modules.

According to Xan Black, Program Director for the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance, the Tulsa community "benefited on so many levels from the USNA STEM Outreach team workshops last week! 200 students, largely Native American ethnicity, were engaged, equipped and empowered to pursue STEM careers. One of the school administrators commented on the excellent behavior of the students because they were so intrigued by the hands-on, minds-on activities presented by the team. Another leader commented on the tremendous impact that the midshipmen had on the students by telling about their own journeys to USNA. What an inspiration these young people were to participants young and old."

Krick, Sutton and Tran also supported the Educators Workshop held the following day at the Tulsa Central Library. Attended by educators from the Tulsa region, the workshop was run by STEM faculty and staff, Jennifer da Rosa, Rachel Fees and Angela Moran, and highlighted topic areas including chemistry, flight, hydraulics, programming, sensors and circuits and engineering design.

"During the professional development workshop, the USNA team brought dozens of fresh and innovative yet inexpensive experiments and activities to life for 50 very grateful educators! The experience of being with a USNA team that's committed to pursuing the same goal of excellent STEM education was a cup of cold water to these weary front line warriors. The teachers really appreciated the multitude of variations as well as real world applications that the team brought with each activity. It's difficult to overestimate the true impact of the USNA workshops in the Tulsa area. Our entire ecosystem took notice that our expert guests had traveled so far to help us engage and inspire teachers and students alike. The team left us encouraged and much better equipped to prepare students in Oklahoma to build bright STEM futures for themselves! We are profoundly grateful for your help," Xan Black commented on the event.

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