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Albuquerque STEM Educator Training

  POSTED ON: Saturday, September 23, 2017 8:00 AM by Angela Moran

Thirty-three teachers joined Professors Patrick Moran and Angela Moran from the STEM Center at the Albuquerque BioPark on Saturday, September 23 for a full day STEM Educator Workshop. Twenty-three different schools including those in Los Alamos, Bernalillo, Los Lunas, Las Vegas and the Zuni Public School District were represented.

The teachers became the students and participated in modules on electricity, batteries, and circuits; electronics and soldering; cyber, coding and programming; robotics; motors and electromagnetism; and engineering design.

"Applying and trying activities and strategies puts you in the mindset of the students and what struggles or challenges they may face," stated Kristi Convissor of Holy Ghost Catholic School. Annabelle Balgua from Miyamura High School commented, as many teachers did, that the "Hands-on [activities] and real materials are very much appropriate to my class. I will try these activities this coming week."

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