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Family STEM Day

  POSTED ON: Saturday, October 21, 2017 8:00 AM by Sarah Durkin

On Saturday, October 21, the USNA STEM Center hosted a crowd of over 175 people on the lab deck of Rickover Hall. The event was open to USNA faculty/staff and their families, so that they could experience interactive STEM activities together and see what types of activities have been developed by the STEM Center and STEM midshipmen.

Thirty midshipmen STEM majors led a number of activities including designing and launching rockets and gliders, navigating mazes with calculator robots, programming line-following robots using colored codes, controlling SeaPerch underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV), exploring electrical circuits, learning principles of chemistry while making slime, art prints, and foam "monsters", investigating principles of gears using a penny press, and more. 

The event was inspiring for both the participants and the facilitators. "Thank you for putting together a wonderful STEM family day," shared Prof Rick Ruth who attended the event, "My daughter and her friend had a great time. And, best of all, the midshipmen volunteers were fantastic. They were patient, clear, and welcoming; they made the children see the delight in scientific exploration. It was a great event."

"Family STEM Day allowed midshipmen to spread their knowledge and passion for STEM to parents and children of all ages," shared STEM volunteer, MIDN 3/C Joe Brough, "The activities inspired young learners to learn more about STEM because we showed them that STEM can be engaging and fun. When helping out with the foam reaction, I saw that it was natural for the students to ask 'how does this happen?' and 'why does the cup get warm?' I could answer these questions and simultaneously inspire them to be curious and learn about how awesome STEM can be."

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