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NOAA/SeaPerch Educator Training in Tulsa

  POSTED ON: Thursday, February 1, 2018 12:00 AM by Sarah Durkin

On February 12-13, thirty-six educators from 26 schools in and surrounding Tulsa, Oklahoma attended a 12-hour workshop provided by the USNA STEM Center in collaboration with NOAA, DoD STEM, and the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance. The workshop included aspects of underwater exploration and the technology to support application in remotely operated vehicles (ROV), sonar, and sensors, as well as activities on water chemical and physical properties, optics and light, and robotic manipulation.

Attendees built underwater SeaPerch ROVs and mastered the necessary skillsets to build them with their students. Catalina Vizueth of Dove Science Academy stated that the training “has empowered me with the skills, knowledge and hands on experience that will make it easier for me to implement SeaPerch at school and continue to explore STEM professions.” First year teacher, Jordyn Kleinberg of  Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy noted that the workshop "helped me gain confidence in teaching more applicable STEM!"

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