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STEM Outreach in San Antonio

  POSTED ON: Saturday, April 7, 2018 12:00 AM by Angela Moran

In collaboration with the Office of Admissions, the USNA STEM Center participated in a STEM Day at Wagner High School in San Antonio. Leigh McNeil of the Office of Admissions noted that hundreds of attendees came from all over the region to see industry and university-led activities in STEM topics.

MIDN 2/C Maddie Reynolds and MIDN 4/C Kam Chumley-Soltani provided hands-on interactives including cyber and logic, chemistry and physics. "It was a great experience for those attending and for me, as a midshipman, as well. I really appreciated that so many people from diverse backgrounds could share the same learning experience," said MIDN 4/C Chumley-Soltani about the event. 

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