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STEM Educator Training, Spring 2021

  POSTED ON: Saturday, February 27, 2021 12:00 AM by Christine Maceo

Supported by the Office of Naval Research and Department of Defense as well as Naval Academy Foundation sponsors, the USNA STEM Center offered its Spring SET Sail STEM Educator “Virtual but Very Hands-On Training” via an online platform in real-time.

Two themed sessions were presented, each lasting four hours and consisting of five independent but related content modules. On February 20, Professors Melissa Szurovy and Mark Murray joined USNA STEM Center Faculty Angie Moran (retired), Sarah Durkin, Pat Meinhold and Lou Cox to present STEM topics related to the Environment, including Geometry, Bioengineering, Physical Science and Engineering Design.  On February 27, Professors Samar Malek, Chris Brown and Beth Waitkus, along with STEM Faculty Sarah Durkin and Christine Maceo, facilitated modules that uncovered the scientific and engineering principles behind observable phenomena.

MIDN Biron McNeely, Shane Fagan, Courtney Tse, Kailah Ob’Brien, Jennifer Iniguez, Ricky Davis, Nik Kennedy, Juliana Lafrance, and Gustel Bamanabio assisted in the sessions, which included scalable project-based activities in science, math, engineering, and technology, adapted to use readily-available household supplies. Supply lists and templates were sent in advance so all participants were prepared to work along with instructors during the sessions. 

More than sixty educators attended the event, with most attending both sessions for a full 8-hour professional development workshop. Participating educators hailed from K-12 schools in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia.  

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