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High School Girls Only STEM Night

  POSTED ON: Thursday, March 4, 2021 12:00 AM by Christine Maceo

Sponsored by the Maryland Space Grant Consortium, the Office of Naval Research, and the Naval Academy Foundation, and offered in collaboration with the Aerospace Engineering Department and the Physics Department, the USNA STEM Center hosted a “High School Girls Only STEM Night” for girls in grades 9-12 on March 4.

The virtual but real-time event followed a “Space and Stars” theme, and was attended by 100 participants from across the US and from DoDEA schools in the Pacific and Europe. The event began with an interactive online planetarium show centered on the planet Venus, provided by the Director of the USNA Planetarium, CAPT PJ Moran. The students took part in hands-on activities in Flight, Illumination, and Star Movement, offered by USNA Faculty Mark Murray and Jeff Larsen and MIDN Elana Kozak.

MIDN Ann Jackson, Rebecca Chan, Alexis Harrell-Parada, Mack Eshleman, Annie Imhof, Skylar Flietstra, Nick Hilaire, Anna Sawyer, Kailah O’Brien, Jennifer Iniguez, Clay Davis, Hannah Avery and Ragan Leslie assisted in the star-based activities. CDR Cecily Walsh provided a live walking tour and demonstration of the USNA Aero Lab and MIDN Annie Imhof guided the students through a STEM major and career panel discussion.  

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