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Mids Support Virtual Navy Weeks

  POSTED ON: Wednesday, May 12, 2021 12:00 AM by Christine Maceo

The USNA STEM Center and the USNA Office of Admissions worked with the Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO) and the Office of Naval Research to support virtual Navy Weeks throughout Spring 2021. “Hometown” midshipmen from the STEM cadre provided videos that showcased key STEM content areas within the context of a hands-on activity that viewers could follow and complete with simple supplies at home.  As part of the video content, the midshipmen discussed their matriculation at USNA, their STEM major and coursework, and their STEM career goals, in order to inspire and engage viewers to pursue defense-related technological careers. 

Navy Week Florida: Conditional Statements Activity with MIDN Kamila Lamud

Navy Week Texas: Rotors Activity with MIDN Max Kimmel

Navy Week Washington: Autonomous Aid Activity with MIDN Christina Domanowski

Navy Week New York: Archimedes' Principle Activity with MIDN Teresa Collins

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