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Summer STEM Program

  POSTED ON: Friday, June 25, 2021 12:00 AM by Christine Maceo

The USNA STEM Center and the Office of Admissions virtually implemented the 2021 Summer STEM Program for 796 high school students who were selected based on a rigorous application process. Summer STEM participants represented all regions of the United States, as well as Australia, Spain, Tokyo Japan, Greece, and Guam. All Summer STEM Program participants received elaborate kits of equipment and supplies to fully participate in the week-long event.

STEM Battalion Commander MIDN 1/C Jessica Nangle and STEM Executive Officer MIDN 1/C Jonathan Huang headed the team of seventy-two midshipmen who facilitated the Summer STEM Program. Twenty-four Academic Midshipmen, led by MIDN 1/C Rosemary Weston and MIDN 1/C Biron McNeely, assisted USNA Faculty in content delivery and project-based activities. Topics included: Structures and Domes (Professor Samar Malek), Archimedes’ Principle and Hydraulics (Professor John Burkhardt and LCDR David Farrell), Data Science (LCDR Melissa Szurovy, LCDR Casey Rayburg and CDR Matt Knitt) and Sports Mechanics (LCDR Ted Chapman), Photometer and Biofuels (Professors Amy MacArthur and Beth Waitkus), Electric Circuits (Professor Charles Nelson) and Cryptography and Password Hacking (Professor Chris Brown). Forty-eight midshipmen were Squad Leaders who were assigned to groups of STEM campers and led them through the camp day, with oversight provided by LT Yechan Kim and LT Cameron Dann.

This midshipmen Professional Development experience was unique in its virtual format but enhanced the midshipman attributes of inclusivity, resilience, professionalism, adaptability, innovation, articulacy, and courage. 

USNA STEM student programs are sponsored by ONR and the Naval Academy Foundation.


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