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High School Educator "Back to the Lab" Workshop

  POSTED ON: Saturday, September 18, 2021 12:00 AM by Christine Maceo

On September 18, the USNA STEM Center hosted its first Back-to-the-Lab High School Educator Workshop.  Sponsored by ONR and the Naval Academy Foundation, the purpose of this professional development training was to facilitate the inclusion of experimental and analytical skills in laboratory-based science and engineering classes in high school. The scientific method, data collection, graphical representation and statistical analysis were addressed. Regional high school STEM educators who teach higher-level laboratory courses in science, computers, engineering and math attended this full-day workshop.

USNA STEM faculty Chris Brown, Mark Murray, Joe McGettigan, Christine Maceo and Sarah Durkin facilitated 75-minute sessions in binary representation, fluid dynamics and Torricelli’s Law, electric circuits and the Wheatstone Bridge, and photometry. Participants worked in USNA lab spaces, but used common and inexpensive materials to execute the labs to expedite implementation in the high school classroom. Mathematical computations and Excel spreadsheets were incorporated into the sessions for an interdisciplinary approach.

This workshop was timed to coordinate with a return to in-person learning in the local school systems. After 18 months of interrupted learning, the workshop was designed to encourage educators to incorporate hands-on experimentation in the classroom, to reinforce content with real-world applications and mathematical computations, and to include technical writing and lab reports in high-school STEM courses. 

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