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STEM Educator Training, Fall 2021

  POSTED ON: Saturday, September 25, 2021 12:00 AM by Christine Maceo

On September 25, 2021, the USNA STEM Center welcomed about 100 K-12 teachers to its semi-annual STEM Educator Training workshop. Held in-person at the U.S. Naval Academy, the participants came from public and private K-12 schools in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Delaware. Among the participants were four Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellows, a program that provides an opportunity for K-12 STEM educators to serve in the national education area for one year; DoD Einstein Fellows are working to initiate and/or improve K-12 educator outreach throughout the Armed Forces. 

UNSA Faculty Hatem Elbidweihy, Samar Malek, Chris Brown, Mark Murray, Joe McGettigan, Sarah Durkin and Christine Maceo presented classroom modules in Magnetism, Structures and Domes, Public-Key Cryptography, Energy Transformations, Hydraulics and Engineering Design, and Biofuels.  LCDR Casey Rayburg provided a lunchtime session on Platonic Solids and Spatial Reasoning. MIDN Caleb Williams, Ricky Castellon-Davis, Hannah Perine, Gabby Cleveland, Ben Negron, Breanna Mealer, Jonathan Huang, Erin Bell, Nikhil Vasan, Sofia Okorafor, Chloe Ferreira, Brant Purcell, Everett Stenberg, Gustel Bamanabio, Anna Sawyer, Treyvon Poe, Washington Ross, Teresa Collins and Andreas Casillas assisted in presenting the content, demonstrating the project-based activities, and event logistics. STEM Instructor Patricia Meinhold, TAD Ensign JP Anyansi and ONR Reservists Dolores Mercier and Jeffrey Pang provided logistical and classroom assistance.

The module topics spanned the spectrum of STEM content areas and were scalable for use in classrooms from elementary through high school. Modules included content discussion and relevant hands-on activities that demonstrated and reinforced scientific concepts and engineering principles. The project-based activities in the modules were designed to use low-cost and common materials to be immediately implemented in the participants’ curricula. Educators received curriculum and supplies to use in their schools.

USNA STEM Educator programs are sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, DoD STEM, and the Naval Academy Foundation.

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