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Middle School Career and Technical Educator Workshop

  POSTED ON: Saturday, October 2, 2021 12:00 AM by Christine Maceo

The USNA STEM Center hosted its first Middle School CTE STEM Educator Workshop on October 2.  This effort was funded by the Office of Naval Research and highlighted the content behind the Career and Technical Education (CTE) middle school curriculum, intentionally expanding hands-on skills in a classroom setting. Middle school technology education/CTE teachers from Maryland and Virginia participated in this full-day workshop. The modules for the day were matched to middle school Tech Ed curriculum and included Electricity and Circuits, HTML code and Website Design, and Soldering Techniques and the Printed Circuit Board. A lunchtime session on simple machines demonstrated the omnipresence of these ancient devices in everyday life. The workshop culminated in a 3-hour wood shop session, led by master craftsman Nick Hlavaty in the Technical Support Department, who built jigs for the drill press, router, jigsaw, and lathe and set up a chiseling station (all simple machines). The participants built a complete tool box that is strong enough to double as a seat.

The academic modules at this event were supported by Adina Crainiceanu, Joe McGettigan, and Christine Maceo. Faculty and Staff, Sarah Durkin, Lou Cox, Beth Waitkus, ONR Reservist Dolores Pine-Mercier, TAD Ensign Jennifer Iniguez, and MIDN Nicholas Hilaire, Jonathan Huang, Maximilian Kimmel, Raelyn Manhertz, Christopher Martineau, Breanna Mealer, Mae Myers, Benjamin Negron, J. Adan Valdez and Ricky Davis assisted in this event and enforced safety protocols. 

USNA STEM is sponsored by ONR, DoDSTEM and the Naval Academy Foundation.

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