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Family STEM Night and Star Party

  POSTED ON: Friday, November 5, 2021 12:00 AM by Christine Maceo

On November 5, 2021, the USNA STEM Center welcomed 170 USNA Faculty and Staff and their friends and families to its annual Family Night. Presented in collaboration with the Astronomy Club and the Physics Department, Family Night was a 2-hour “star party” that included a Planetarium Show, a visit to the Class of ’41 Observatory, and hands-on STEM activities presented by midshipmen. LCDR Kai Seglem hosted two separate showings of Tonight’s Sky in the Luce Planetarium, assisted by Astronomy Club midshipmen Max Thibault, Tommy Janosky, Tina Faoro, and Michael Casas.

Professor Jeff Larsen guided participants in the Observatory as they viewed the night sky through the Alvin Clark 7.75” refracting telescope. Members of the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club Captain John Higbee (USNA ’74 Alumnus), Woody Davis, David Komar and Michael Bond operated 4 portable refracting telescopes on the lawn surrounding the Observatory to focus on additional celestial objects.

STEM Midshipmen Andreas Casillas, Elizabeth Farmer, Lia Fourakis, Keandre Harper, Nicholas Hilaire, Brandon Madison, Rachel Manhertz, Khadijah McClean, Biron McNeely, Mae Myers, Brant Purcell, Alysse Ray, Daisy Reasbeck, Sigrid Schwarzkopf, Dan Shen, Adan Valdez, Maia Vath, Ella Vath and Adrian Schalk led participants in hands-on STEM activities related to Materials Science, Electricity, Space Science, Space Technology and Flight. USNA STEM Center is sponsored by ONR, DoDSTEM and the Naval Academy Foundation.

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