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Maryland MESA Interactive STEM Day

  POSTED ON: Thursday, November 18, 2021 12:00 AM by Christine Maceo

In partnership with Maryland Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA), the USNA STEM Center collaborated with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory for a virtual-but-interactive STEM Day, held in three sessions on November 16 and November 18. Over 200 elementary students from fourteen Maryland public schools participated in MESA Day as a virtual field trip or as an afterschool club event. Teachers and club leaders were provided with a list of supplies for their students.

MIDN Shane Fagan, Elizabeth Farmer, Miyuu Handa, Maximilian Kimmel, Khadijah McClean, Treyvon Poe, Alyse Ray, Anna Sawyer, Sigrid Schwarzkopf, Adrian Schalk, and Gabby Shepherd led the students through the engineering design process for rocket stability including: research in Bernoulli’s Principle, experimental manipulation of center of gravity and center of pressure, and test/reiteration of fin design and placement for optimum flight stability. The event culminated in a flight contest in the classroom to determine the best rocket design.

USNA STEM student programs are sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and the Naval Academy Foundation, with support from Dr. Ernst Volgenau. 

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