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After a Cold Weekend, Warming Trend On-tap (19 OCT 2015)

  POSTED ON: Monday, October 19, 2015 10:44 AM by A.R. Davies

It was a cold weekend throughout the greater Baltimore, Washington, and Annapolis metro area. Despite the abundant sunshine, the day time temperatures remained in the 50’s throughout the region, while the overnight lows were at or below freezing in most locations. At BWI Airport, the low on Sunday morning was 33oF and it dropped to 29oF on Monday morning which broke the daily record low temperature previously set on 19 October 1982 (30oF).  In Annapolis, the low on both Sunday and Monday morning bottomed-out just above freezing (36oF).  Locations near the water remain warmer overnight this time of year because the air temperature is moderated by the warmer water temperature.  Water has a much higher heat capacity than air, meaning it takes a lot more energy to heat and cool it.  As shown in the Figure below, the air temperature in Annapolis (weather station KNAK) on Monday morning at 0800 EDT was 36oF, while the water temperature near the mouth of the Severn River (buoy station 44063) was relatively comfortable at 60.4oF.  The Figure below also shows that it was significantly colder on Monday morning in the suburbs north and west of Baltimore and Washington (well away from the water), particularly in some of the low lying valleys that trap the dense, cold air and are further shielded from the wind (i.e. calmer conditions and less mixing).

Regional Temperatures at 0800 EDT on 19 October

Looking ahead, high pressure will build to our south throughout first half of the week.  As shown in the Figure below, this atmospheric pattern will establish southerly flow and a warming trend with above normal temperatures expected on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Inland locations can expect temperatures in the mid 70’s by Thursday afternoon, which is 10oF+ above the climatological norm for this time of year.  Along the relatively cooler water (water temperature around 60 oF), temperatures will be in the upper 60’s and low 70’s in Annapolis.  Another cold front will arrive on Friday.  Like last week, the front likely will not produce much rainfall, but temperatures behind the front will once again be below normal on Saturday.

MSLP and 6-hour Precip at 2000 EDT on 22 OCT


Disclaimer: This is not an official U.S. Navy weather forecast and should not be confused with the official Navy weather forecast provided by the Fleet Weather Center in Norfolk, VA.  Furthermore, the official U.S. Government forecast for the greater Annapolis area is issued by the National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington Forecast Office in Sterling, VA.

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Alexander R. Davies
Meteorologist and Oceanographer
Oceanography Department