Assoc. Prof. Mario Vieira's Research Students  

  • 1994: MIDN 1/C Kinman: A comparison study between current meter and ADCP data
  • 1993: MIDN 1/C Dwyer: Interpreting current data from an ADCP anchor station in the Delaware estuary
  • 1993: MIDN 1/C Hoeft: Between the Delaware and the Chesapeake: Results of a towed CTD transect
  • 1992: MIDN 1/C Fisher: On the subtidally driven flushing of the Peconics estuary
  • 1992: MIDN 1/C Montanaro: Improving on the MECCA model of the northern Chesapeake Bay
  • 1992: MIDN 1/C Traum: On the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation at the US Naval Academy
  • 1991: MIDN1 1/C Ciccone: A numerical model of the Chesapeake Bay as a classroom tool
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