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U.S. Naval Academy Announces Faculty Promotions

Posted on: March 14, 2014 08:00 EDT

Press Release #: #031-14

ANNAPOLIS, Md. –  The Naval Academy announced that the following faculty members will be promoted to associate professor with tenure or professor.  Their new status will become effective Aug. 16.  A promotion ceremony will be held Monday, March 31, at 3:45 p.m. in Memorial Hall at the Naval Academy.

Promoted to Associate Professor with tenure:

Shinobu Anzai                                           Languages and Cultures

Bradford S. Barrett                                     Oceanography

Adina N. Crainiceanu                                 Computer Science

Daniel Finkenstadt                                    Physics

Wayne Hsieh                                           History

Nicholas A. Loehr                                     Mathematics

Hau T. Ngo                                              Electrical and Computer Engineering

Aissata G. Sidikou                                   Languages and Cultures

Michael B. Skerker                                  Leadership, Ethics, and Law

Sarangi P. Parikh                                    Weapons and Systems Engineering

Promoted to Professor:

Michelle E. Allen-Emerson                        English

Jim S. Cowart                                          Mechanical Engineering

Christopher J. Eberle                                Leadership, Ethics, and Law

Capt. Len Hamilton, U.S. Navy                  Mechanical Engineering

Michelle G. Koul                                      Mechanical Engineering

Kevin L. Mcllhany                                    Physics

Mark M. Murray                                      Mechanical Engineering

Visitors may enter through Gate 3 (Maryland Avenue – recommended) or Gate 1 (at the intersection of King George Street and Randall Street) and will be required to show a picture ID.  All bags are subject to search. Vehicles without a Department of Defense or USNA credentialed driver or passenger are not permitted to drive onto the academy grounds. Visitors are encouraged to park at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium (price to park is $5) and ride the circulator bus to the academy.  Authorized vehicles and vehicles with handicapped placards or license plates may enter through Gate 1 (King George Street) or Gate 8 (Maryland Route 450).  All bags and vehicles may be subject to search.

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