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Permit to Report

Congratulations and Welcome to the Naval Academy Family!

This electronic Permit to Report Package contains numerous items of important and useful information, some of which require your immediate attention. These documents will guide you through all the items in the package and provide you with detailed instructions on what actions you must take. Please ensure you follow all directions closely. This will guarantee that valuable time is not spent correcting mistakes. In order to ensure you followed all instructions and filled out everything correctly, please print the following two documents before you continue:

*We will not be mailing out Permit to Report Packages.
This electronic version is the Permit to Report package.* 
Permit to Report Checklist   Permit to Report Information Booklet


#1: For any forms where you are seeing the "Please wait...." message, please download and save the form to your computer. When you open the downloaded form from your computer files, it should open up in the Adobe program installed on your computer (not in an Adobe Reader in an internet browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge). Once the form opens in the Adobe program, there will be a button in the upper right corner that says "Enable All Features." Please click "Enable All Features" in order for the forms to actually load.
#2: Please disregard "Alpha Number" requests within the forms. Your alpha number will be provided closer to I-Day.

Most items are to be returned by 15 or 16 May, 2022. However, if you are unable to meet this deadline, please return those forms within 2 weeks of receiving the PTR email or as soon as possible. Numbered items correspond to a sub-section of this booklet and are also available on this website. The electronic Permit to Report package is divided into five sections:

Section I: Immediate Action Items for Commandant of Midshipmen

Tells you what forms you must complete immediately.

  1. Permit to Report Letter (Received via email from Admissions, bring with you on I-Day)
  2. Medical Forms
    1.   Immunization Record and Questionnaire Form
      1. Immunization Record for United States Naval Academy Appointees
        1. Routine Immunization Screening Form: Adult (DD Form 3111)
        2.   Adenovirus VIS (Information only, no action required)
    2. COVID-19 Vaccine Screening and Immunization Documentation
    3. Patient Registration Form
    4. U.S. Naval Academy Candidate Glasses Prescription Form
  3. 3. Letter from the Dean of Admissions re: Class of 2026 Survey
  4. Letter from the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs re: Academic Background Questionnaire
    1. Information about the USNA Class of 2026 Academic Background System (ABS)
  5. Midshipmen Pay and Navy Federal Credit Union Application
    1. Navy Federal Welcome Letter (Information only, no action required)
    2. Navy Federal Introduction Email (Information only, no action required)
    3. Navy Federal Naval Academy Membership Application
    4. SF 1199A Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form Instructions (Information only, no action required)
    5. Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form
    6. Three Ways to Transfer Funds to Your Midshipman’s Account (Information only, no action required)
  6. Uniform Measurement Form
  7. Letter from the Commandant re: Sponsor Program (Information only, no action required)
    1. United States Naval Academy Plebe Sponsor Questionnaire
  8. Personal Swearing-In Ceremony Form

Section II: Administrative Preparations: Complete for Induction Day

Tells you what forms you must complete and bring with you on Induction Day, or what other actions need to be done before you report.

  1. Agreement to Serve Form (Sign and bring 2 copies)
  2. Letter re: Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI) (Information only, no action required)
    1. What You Need To Know About Your Life Insurance Benefits (Information only, no action required)
    2. Service Member’s Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate Form
  3. Instructions for Completing the Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data (NAVPERS 1070/602)
    1. Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data (NAVPERS 1070/602) Form
  4. Notice Regarding Maintenance of Private Medical Insurance
  5. USNA 4600/8 - Request and Authorization for Midshipmen Accession Travel Instructions (Information only, no action required)
    1. Request and Authorization for Midshipmen Accession Travel
  6. 1351-2 Travel Voucher or Subvoucher Instructions (Information only, no action required)
    1. Travel Voucher or Subvoucher (DD Form 1351-2)
  7. SF-86 Completion Instructions  (Information only, no action required)
    1. Questionnaire for National Security Positions (Standard Form 86)

Section III: Miscellaneous

Discusses several important issues that will better prepare you for Plebe Summer.

  1. Letter from the Commandant re: Navy’s Policy on Drug and Alcohol (Information only, no action required)
  2. Advance for Clothing and Equipment (ACE) Loan Information (Information only, no action required)
    1. United States Naval Academy Midshipmen Stipend and Annual Budget Book (Information only, no action required)
  3. Instructions for Using the Enclosed Plebe Summer Press Release (Information only, no action required)
    1. United States Naval Academy News Release (fill in the blank form)
  4. Getting Physically Prepared for the Naval Academy (Information only, no action required)
  5. Letter from the Commanding Officer of NSA Annapolis re: DBIDS credentials (Information only, no action required)
    1. How to Complete SECNAV 5512.1
    2.   Department of the Navy Local Population ID Card/Base Access Pass Registration (SECNAV 5512/1)
  6. Religous Program Letter/USNA Dietary Needs & Religious Accommodation Questionnaire
  7. Social Media Profile Etiquette Information
  8. United States Naval Academy Marriage and Dependent Declaration
  9. United States Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation Welcome Letter (for parents)
    1. Midshipman Life Membership at Graduation Program
    2. Permission to Share Contact Information

Section IV: Induction Day and Plebe Summer

Includes information and recommendations for Induction Day and Plebe Summer, including how to get around, what to bring for Plebe Summer, etc.

Section V: Additional Information

Discusses several critical pieces of information to understand prior to reporting for Plebe Summer.

Driving directions for drop off *

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Naval Academy Admissions Office at 410-293-1858.

*Adobe® Reader® is required for viewing or downloading PDF files. If it is not installed on your computer, you can download the free program from  the Adobe® download site.