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Physics Department

Independent Research in Physics and Astrophysics

Professors Actively Looking for Research Students for Fall and Spring 2023

Below are a list of professors actively looking for research students. If you have any questions about the nature of the projects, just reach out to them! 

Daniel Bulmash- Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

 Contact: Prof. Daniel Bulmash,

Rachel Carr - Nuclear Physics

Contact: Prof. Rachel Carr,

Elena Cimpoiasu- Fundamental Magnetism and Materials Science

Contact: Prof. Elena Cimpoiasu,

Brian Donovan - Materials Science

Contact: Prof. Brian Donovan,

Matthew Fronk - Acoustics

Contact: Prof. Matthew Fronk,

Allison Hall - Particle Physics

Contact: Prof. Allison Hall,

Joel Helton - Magnetism 

Contact: Prof. Joel Helton,

Michelle Jamer - Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Contact: Prof. Michelle Jamer,

Matthew Knight - Astrophysics

Contact: Prof. Matthew Knight,

Jamie Lomax - Astrophysics

Contact: Prof. Jamie Lomax,

Kevin Mcilhany - Data Science and Fluids

Contact: Prof. Kevin Mcilhany,

Katherine Truex - Optics and Biophysics

Contact: Prof. Katherine Truex,

Richard Witt - Nuclear and Heavy Ion Physics

Contact: Prof. Richard Witt,

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