Much of the information retained by the Office of the Registrar is protected from public access by the provisions of the Privacy Act. For a transcript to be released, the student must give permission in writing with a signature. (A copy of an active Power of Attorney may be submitted from the student's designate.)

A request should include:

  • the name of the student
  • the signature of the student
  • the class year in which the student graduated or would have graduated
  • an alpha number or last four digits of social security number for the student
  • the number of copies requested and whether these should be individually sealed with a signature across the seal (Please note that we reserve the right to limit numbers of copies in fairness to all requesters.)
  • an address to which each transcript should be sent (faxed copies are not considered "official")
  • a daytime telephone number or other means of contacting the student should there be a question
  • other pertinent information (Is class rank also required? Are recommendation forms expected to be on file? Did the student complete coursework at another institution while attending USNA, or take a course after graduation?)
  • any approaching deadlines or urgency on the part of the requester
  • there is no charge for transcripts

A transcript request may be presented in person, faxed to the office at (410) 293-2327, a scanned document (standard file formats only - examples: pdf, gif, bmp, jpg) with visible signature emailed to or mailed to the office at

Office of the Registrar
United States Naval Academy
589 McNair Rd
Annapolis, MD 21402-5031

Transcript requests are handled in turn, usually within a business week. Mail takes 3 days to process through the mail system. Zip files are not accepted. The office may be reached by telephone at (410) 293-6383.

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