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ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

Posted on: November 04, 2013 08:00 EST by Daniel Roche

Six Midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy competed in the Mid-Atlantic regional of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest on Saturday, November 2, at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

This annual event asks teams of 3 undergraduate students to solve 8 challenging programming tasks in a 5-hour period, without any outside assistance from faculty or even the Internet. The top teams across the country go on to compete in the world championships, held this year in Russia.

The "USNA NOP Sledders" team, consisting of 1/C Ganesh Harihara, 2/C Aaron Fleming, and 2/C Zane Markel, solved 3 of the challenge problems within the competition time and as a result placed 5th out of 19 teams at the Howard University contest site. First-class midshipmen James Browning, Connor Geer, and Norman Overfield made up the "USNA Jai Alai" team, which was able to solve 2 of the challenge problems. Both teams placed within the top 30% out of nearly 200 universities and colleges' teams competing in the Mid-Atlantic regional.

This was the first year that the Naval Academy participated in the ACM contest since at least 2009. Neither the U.S. Military Academy nor the U.S. Air Force Academy fielded teams in this year's contest. Registration for the midshipmen was generously provided by the USNA STEM Office.

The Midshipmen participating enjoyed the experience and look forward to building even stronger teams for next year's contest.

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