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STEM Outreach in Kentucky

Posted on: March 11, 2014 08:00 EDT by Sarah Durkin

During Spring Break in March 2014, MIDN 1/C Catherine Thompson and MIDN 2/C Jennifer Pendleton traveled to Kentucky to facilitate STEM outreach activities at a STEM Day at Muhlenberg High School.

The mids brought with them a variety of hands-on STEM activities to engage the students in science and engineering. The students learned engineering principles as they designed and re-designed hoop gliders made from paper and straws, and catapults made from spoons, wooden sticks and rubber bands. In addition, they explored the concept of buoyancy as they strived to create a neutrally buoyant object out of styrofoam and small weights.

The event was also a leadership opportunity for 8 Kentucky high schoolers, who were trained a day in advance by the midshipmen to act as additional facilitators during the STEM Day. The mids encouraged the students to take ownership of the activities and prepared them to run the stations. The mids did their job well, and the event was a success for those who attended.

MIDN 2/C Jennifer Pendleton describes the STEM Day in Kentucky: "Despite the challenge of bad weather in the days leading up to our event, Mulhenberg County High School was ready to put on a great science fair. The faculty and high school students were very active in organizing the fair and excited that the midshipmen were there to help. The middle school students were very engaged in the projects and fascinated by the demonstrations. Overall, even though turn out was small than expected, the event was a success."

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