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USNA Sailing Center

Naval Academy Sailing VOST resume input

Please answer the questions below to help us better evaluate your skills.

VOST Resume Input
Last Name is required.
First Name is required.
Have you ever skippered/captained a sailboat?

If yes, please provide details (boat name/type/date/experiences):

Have you ever been a watch captain?

If yes, please provide details (boat name/type/date/experiences)

Do you have a specific skill area(s) of sailing expertise? (sailmaking, diesel engines, rigging, meteorology, tactics, medical, yacht design, surveying, etc.)?

If yes, please explain:

What is the extent of your navigation experience? Specifically list any formal navigation training you have received:

Have you ever been a coach in any sport?

If yes, which sport:

List your top 4 regatta finishes:

Date Boat
Regatta Finish
(x of y
Your role
On Board

List any US Coast Guard, US Sailing, American Sailing Association, US Navy or any other qualification as related to sailing:

What is your primary area of interest?

What are your program goals while participating in the Navy Sailing Program?

Are you a member of any other yacht clubs or sailing associations?

If yes, which ones:

Are you a member of US Sailing?

If yes, What is your member number?

What is your ISAF registration number and category number?

Do you have any medical conditions or allergies that might affect you while at sea?

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