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USNA Sailing Center

FONA Pass Request

Background: The Friends of the Naval Academy (FONA) program was designed to allow access to the United States Naval Academy for Parents of midshipmen and members of the academic community not normally given access to military installations.  This includes frequent visitors to the Naval Academy complex that support the academy’s mission, people and reputation. 

FONA Passes may contain information for one driver and two vehicles only. The passes are both vehicle and driver specific in that a sponsor named on the pass will not be allowed access using another vehicle and a driver not listed on the FONA pass will not be granted access to the Naval Academy. Unauthorized use of a FONA pass will result in the pass being confiscated and access to the Naval Academy being denied.

For Sailing Volunteers Only
Vehicle #1
Vehicle #2

FONA passes are for the official use of the holders designated hereon, Use or possession by other persons is unlawful and will make the offender liable to heavy penalty. 18USC 499, 506 and 701.

I hereby certify that:

  1. I will abide by all traffic, parking and security regulations.
  2. I will submit to search of my vehicle as may be ordered by competent authority.
  3. My insurance policy meets the minimum established by the Department of the Navy, and/or the State or locality where the vehicle is operated.
  4. The vehicle has satisfactorily met inspection requirements of this State or locality, where required.
  5. I further understand that the government has no liability for loss or damages not attributable to negligence of employees on official duty.
  6. I have read and understand the Privacy Act Statement below:

Privacy Act Statement

Authority: 5 USC 301, Executive Order 9397.

Principal Purpose:  To apply for a Friends of the Naval Academy (FONA) Pass.

Routine Uses:  To provide a means of identification for civilian personnel while on the US Naval Academy.  All information is retained within the U.S. Naval Academy Security Department and will be primarily used to verify individual identities and to locate individuals when necessary. It may however, on some occasions be released to other government or law enforcement agencies for official purposes only. Disclosure is voluntary. Failure to provide the requested information will result in being denied a Friends of the Naval Academy Pass.

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