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Solving the Cross Domain Cookies Error

This guide goes over how to allow 3rd party (also called cross-domain) cookies in Chrome for salesforce & USNA's event management system / event calendar search.

You may have seen an error like this in salesforce, or you may be using an application which requires 3rd party cookies:

"We can't display this page because your browser blocks cross-domain cookies. Try again with a different supported browser."

Or an error like this in the event search:

There was a problem processing your request...

"The page you requested could not be displayed because one of the URL parameters was invalid or the page requested does not exist or a system failure occurred.


What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a file saved on your computer by a website. It usually contains information like a special unique number that represents your log in session, settings and preferences, things you have put into a shopping cart, etc. Cookies can be very useful, but they also can be used to collect information that you might not want to share

What are 3rd Party Cookies?

3rd party cookies, or cross domain cookies are cookies that are accessed by one website, but delivered by another website. For example, you could be on one website, but code hosted on another website that is embedded in the page, might be trying to save cookies.

In a perfect world, this is harmless, but increasingly it’s been used by advertisers or nefarious actors to collect information about people that they maybe don’t want to share with those 3rd parties. Because of this, for safety and privacy, google chrome now blocks all 3rd party cookies.

Ideally, the idea is that websites should be moving away from using 3rd party cookies, however, some websites still require them to work. Right now, certain features in Salesforce that interact with 3rd party apps like TargetX, require cookies, and because their code is on their website, but embedded in USNA’s salesforce, these end up being 3rd party cookies.

It is safe to allow 3rd party cookies on USNA’s salesforce.

Allowing 3rd Party Cookies in USNA's Salesforce & Event Search

First, if you have any unsaved data, please save or make a note of your data elsewhere.
Your window will refresh and unsaved changes may be lost.

Go to the page where you are seeing the error message. In the URL bar, to the right, you should see an eye with a slash through it right next to the bookmark star. Click on that eye icon.


This will bring up a pop up window that looks like this

Site Not Workinf

Click the “Site not working” link.

The message will change to this message:

 Allow Cookies

Click on “Allow Cookies”

The eye icon in the URL bar should now change to be open like eye icon this and the page will reload.

You should now see the content that was hidden.

Note: While it is safe to do this on any page in USNA’s Salesforce and on the USNA website, we can not speak to the safety of doing this on other sites that are outside of USNA’s control. 


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