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USNA Astronautics

Naval Academy Small Satellite Program


The USNA Aerospace Department has delivered 11 space payloads to orbit with 6 more manifested for launch.  Every year the Astronautics track educates aerospace engineers in spacecraft design culminating in the senior project, Capstone Design Course.  Although all of these projects are designed to fly, it is not possible to find free launches for all of them.

Satellites Currently On Orbit

PCSAT - Launched: 2001 - Status: minimal functionality - Expected De-orbit: TBD.

PSAT - Launched: 2015 - Status: Full functionality - Expected De-orbit: TBD.

USS Langley - Launched: 2015 - Status: Not functional - Expected De-orbit: TBD.

BRICSAT - Launched: 2015 - Status: Degraded functionality - Expected De-orbit: TBD.

QIKCOM-1 - Launched: Oct 2017 from ISS - Status: Not functional - Expected De-orbit: TBD.

Historical Satellites

Current Projects

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