A Vision for the Future

Annapolis, Maryland January 1997


For over 150 years, the Naval Academy has developed young men and women to honorably serve our nation. Our graduates have distinguished themselves in both peace and war and have gone on to become successful leaders in government and business. The world has dramatically changed in the past century and a half and will undoubtedly continue to change as we move into the 21st century. We will continue to develop officers of character who possess the core values of the Navy-honor, courage and commitment. But we must also ensure that the academy experience prepares our graduates to meet the changing roles and missions of the naval service in consonance with our evolving national defense strategy.

"United States Naval Academy-A Vision for the Future" is the framework of our future. This guidance replaces the second update of the USNA Strategic Plan published in 1994 and is purposely more general in nature. The mission and vision provide a concise statement of what is the essence of the Naval Academy and what we provide to the nation. The guiding principles reflect our philosophy and values. Our strategic goals reflect the direction that we need to move in order to achieve our vision. When appropriate, we will form teams consisting of those members in the chain of command which can implement change necessary to advance our goals. In one way or another each employee and midshipman at the Naval Academy has an impact on whether or not our vision is achieved. I expect this document to be used as guidance for all new initiatives taken at the Naval Academy.

I am pleased with the direction that the Naval Academy is moving but understand that to stay on course we must continuously make adjustments to the way we do business. As the naval service mission evolves to meet national priorities, and as fiscal resources remain constrained, our challenge is to be proactive and creative in our thinking to ensure that we meet our vision for the future.

Admiral, U.S. Navy


To provide the Naval Service with leaders of character who will serve the nation in peace and war.


To develop midshipmen morally, mentally, and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government.


To serve the nation as its premier undergraduate institution for Navy and Marine Corps officer development.




To achieve a composition of the Brigade that supports Navy/Marine Corps Officer requirements by continuously selecting candidates with the highest potential for success in the Naval Academy program and for development as career naval officers.


To instill the naval service core values of honor, courage, and commitment resulting in graduates of high moral standards and character.

To integrate the moral, ethical and character development of midshipmen across every aspect of the Naval Academy experience. To imbue midshipmen with an ethical basis for decision making in all facets of their personal and professional lives both now and in the future.

To infuse the spirit of the Honor Concept and Honor Treatise into every aspect of midshipmen daily routine. To develop an environment of honorable conduct and respect for human dignity as the minimum standard - not only will midshipmen be taught not to lie, cheat or steal, but they will be taught to do what is right and honorable.

To provide a command religious program that facilitates moral development through the free exercise of religion.


To provide an academic curriculum that develops in the midshipmen the intellectual foundation for the professional competence essential to leadership in the Naval Service.

provide midshipmen with an education that will provide them an understanding of the role of the navies in a historical and global context, practical education in the art of leadership and ethics, and a solid technical foundation upon which to build the specific competence officers need to lead our men and women in an increasingly complex inventory of ships, aircraft and weapons systems.

To encourage midshipmen to select engineering and science majors in recognition of the technical requirements of modern naval warfare. A strong core technical curriculum will be provided to all midshipmen.

To recruit and develop a high quality faculty, both military and civilian, dedicated to the teaching and learning process, as well as to research and scholarship, as a means of maintaining currency in their disciplines.


To promote personal physical fitness and lifetime skills, and to provide competitive team sports opportunities for all midshipmen.

To provide quality athletic facilities, staff, and sound fiscal management committed to achieving excellence in our physical mission.

To recruit and retain academically and physically qualified prospective student-athletes who will be successful naval officers.

To strive to be successful in all aspects of our physical mission by nurturing the qualities of courage, self-sacrifice, initiative, perseverance, aggressiveness, sportsmanship, and the will to win.


To immerse the midshipmen in a professional environment and a four-year leadership laboratory that will enable each person to explore and develop his or her leadership style.

To provide a program that requires motivation, dedication, stamina and a strong work ethic to succeed.

To provide advanced education and training for our military staff that interfaces with midshipmen to ensure they are well prepared to deal with the myriad challenges facing


To apply our resources consistent in a manner with our mission and vision by continuous review of priorities and our facilities master plan.

To establish a national organization that will embark upon a major fund raising campaign to support programs of excellence as reflected by our Vision.