Completed Initiatives

Initiatives Projects
Access the Total Physical Mission Assess physical mission needs of the Brigade.

Review/document all major physical education and sports facilities and document their role in achieving the physical mission.

Review the balance among varsity, club, intramural and PE programs.

Develop an integrated plan that defines and prioritizes the needed changes as in the USNA PE and sports programs and facilities.

Athletic Facilities Excellence Dyer Tennis Center, Men's and Women's Soccer, Glenn Warner Stadium, Ingram Track, M/W Swimming, Wrestling, W XC, M Track, M XC, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Water Polo, Golf, Women's Track, Women's Volleyball Locker Rooms are complete. Rip Miller and Farragut Fields converted to Astroplay.
Expand Midshipmen Exchange Possibilities all
Increase Experience in Commandant's Cost Center all
Install Narrow Band Communications System all
Optimize Synergy: Leadership, Character Development and Ethics all
Review the Impact of Strategic Initiatives on the Academic Calendar all
Review the Infrastructure Support Organization all
Review Faculty and Staff Awards all
Structuring NAF Activities and Other Retail and Food Service Operations all
Integrate Lifelong Fitness Programs in PE Curriculum Tarzan Assault Course, Halsey Climbing Wall, Halsey Aerobic Room, Halsey Weight Room, MacDonough Weight Room, PRT Test Course, Halsey Human Performance Lab
Establish Medical Presence in Bancroft Hall Establish a complete medical clinic to include: primary care Brigade clinic, transitional berthing spaces, and ancillary and support spaces.
Establish a USNA Command Duty Officer Center all
Health and Wellness Realign Midshipmen Counseling Center and include transfer of dietician.

Assignment of two additional full-time and one part-time staff members.

Expand Professors/Staff Operational Command Visits all
Implement Curriculum 21 Recommendations all
Study the Grading System at USNA all