Graduate Attributes

The Strategic Outcomes describe the results we want to produce in the institution and our graduates.

The United States Naval Academy is...

The premier institution for developing leaders of the Navy and Marine Corps who demonstrate the moral, mental and physical attributes needed to meet the challenges of combat and make lifetime contributions to the security and well-being of our nation through continued leadership, service and citizenship.

Our Graduates are...
  • Prepared to lead in combat
  • Courageous leaders who take responsibility for their personal and professional decisions and actions
  • Role models of ethical behavior and moral conduct
  • Exemplars of academic, technical and tactical competence
  • Individuals with a passion and commitment to lifelong learning and physical fitness
  • Highly effective communicators
  • Leaders who recognize and value individual excellence regardless of gender or cultural and ethnic background
  • Able to understand and integrate geopolitical complexities in their decision making across the spectrum of military operations
  • Patriots who epitomize the rich heritage, honor and traditions of the Navy, Marine Corps, and our country